Get ’em while they’re cold!

June 2019 – Freight Business Journal North America – Ports and their business partners on three coasts are gearing up for intensified competition over the growing and lucrative markets for imported food and other perishable products. ECW CEO Jamie Overley spoke with Harrison Donnelly about increased competition and changes in infrastructure.



Scaling Up: Dredging, Infrastructure Projects Positioning Philadelphia for Cargo Expansion

May 27, 2019 – Journal of Commerce – With a history spanning three centuries, it’s difficult to single out any one event as being pivotal in the development of Philadelphia as a maritime commerce hub, though the 2011 formation of Ship Philly First has been a primary driver in the port’s more recent successes. East Coast Warehouse CEO Jamie Overley spoke with JOC’s John Powers about how the company is growing its presence on the Philly Port and helping to shape its future.




How to Tell if a Logistics Provider is Right For You

May 2019 – Freight Business Journal North America – Thinking about hiring a 3PL provider? The idea can seem overwhelming, after all a product’s ultimate success is determined by a carefully executed supply chain strategy. ECW CEO Jamie Overley writes about the factors to consider when evaluating the right partner.



East Coast Warehouse Expands its Sales & Operations Organizations

ELIZABETH, NJApril 23, 2019 – East Coast Warehouse & Distribution, a leading temperature-controlled logistics provider to the food and beverage industry located on the Port of New York/New Jersey and in Philadelphia, today announced it has expanded its sales and operations organizations by naming both Joe Rosiek and Michael Colucci Directors of Business Development, and Michael Rosensweig Senior Director of Warehouse Operations. Rosiek will be based in Philadelphia, and Colucci and Rosensweig will be based at company headquarters in Elizabeth, NJ. …READ MORE

The Truth About Supply Chain Costs from a Logistics Perspective

March 15, 2019 – SupplyChainBrain – Manufacturers and producers around the globe view the U.S. as a source of demand for the products they manufacture. This view, while appealing from a sales standpoint, requires a thorough understanding of supply-chain logistics and costs associated with making products in one country and importing and selling them in another. This article, the third in a three part series authored by ECW CEO Jamie Overley, outlines what you need to know about supply chain costs.


A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing a Logistics Provider

March 11, 2019 – SupplyChainBrain – From sourcing to delivery, the last leg in a product’s journey can ultimately determine its success. This article, which outlines the key criteria in determining which logistics provider is right for you, is part two in a three-part series authored by ECW CEO Jamie Overley for SupplyChainBrain.