Newly developed offering designed to provide an end-to-end supply chain solution for importers of containerized machinery

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East Coast Warehouse’s machinery solution offers showroom type inventory capabilities while addressing all the customized needs associated with importing, charging, decaling, and completing quality assurance requirements to ensure timely delivery of a fully charged and operable piece of equipment.

When you trust East Coast Warehouse to handle your machinery supply chain needs, you will receive:

  • Economic advantages due to our locations in port-centric overweight zones, which allows for cost-effective, rapid deployment and recovery of containers, and efficient facilitation of outbound orders.
  • Access to our warehouse management system (WMS), which includes inventory management, invoicing, radio frequency (RF), radio frequency identification (RFID), bar-coding labeling, wireless task automation, e-business connectivity,, and electronic data interchange (EDI).
  • Value-added services including charging, decal application, and quality assurance checklist validation.
  • Interior and exterior storage solutions to accommodate the ever-changing needs of customers.
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