We are strategically located & fully equipped to optimize your supply chain.

As a preeminent leader in temperature-controlled logistics for the food and beverage industry, we provide public, contract and bulk warehousing services across 49 million cubic feet of refrigerated warehouse space on the Port of New York/New Jersey, and access to multiple port-centric locations across the U.S.

At East Coast Warehouse, we’re flexible in order to meet your warehousing needs—and so is our space. We offer controlled temperature zones ranging from 40°F to 65°F, as well as ambient space. Additionally, you can choose from high-cube racked environments, double deep and high-density storage options. Our facility layout, as well as our indoor rail siding support many of our value-added services, including storage, handling, co-packing, labeling and multi-vendor consolidation, so that we’re ready to provide you with the unique services to help you optimize supply chain efficiencies. Additionally, we are Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified by Eagle Food Registrations Inc., which provides assurance that your products will be handled according to the highest industry standards. Read more about our Facilities.

4PL Services to Streamline Your Supply Chain

We know that demands for 3PL services in the U.S. are increasingly extending beyond a single distribution point approach. To simplify and streamline these services, East Coast Warehouse serves as a 4PL, consolidating all operational and customer service functions through a unified and transparent administrative platform. This gives you complete control and visibility without the headaches of having to manage multiple vendors and suppliers.

Additionally, our warehouse management system (WMS) comes equipped with complete inventory management functionality: invoicing, radio frequency (RF), radio frequency identification (RFID) and bar-coding labeling features, wireless task automation, e-business connectivity, and electronic data interchange (EDI).

24/7 Visibility into Your Inventory

As soon as your imports arrive in our warehouse, they are accounted for in real time using radio frequency.  Data is immediately uploaded into our inventory management system (SNAP), which you can access through our web portal. The portal allows you to view all stages of container, inventory and order status availability no matter the time of day or night.

The inventory management portal is part of our advanced, comprehensive WMS, which enables us to maximize information availability and allows you to manage your business with speed and agility. SNAP’s user friendly design is engineered to provide greater utility, including the option to export all available data fields in one or more of the following report formats: XLS, XLSX and PDF.

Appointment-based Pick-up Model

With our appointment-based pick-up model, you can plan down to the minute when your products are ready to safely exit our warehouse and make their way to their final destination. This practice promotes faster processing times and benefits all supply chain partners, including the truckers.

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